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Another Wilson Cosplay!

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Hey Everyone! I cosplayed as Wilson for Boston comic con last weekend! It was my first time cosplaying for a con, so I wasn't totally prepared. I got some pics, but my camera was kinda broken (shattered iphone) and I didn't get any of the whole outfit. Anyway, here's the beginnings of the cosplay and I will post as I make updates. post-80397-13764598130204_thumb.jpgpost-80397-13764598130865_thumb.jpgpost-80397-13764598131126_thumb.jpgI went with no wig because I don't have one yet, but I think I got the point across?

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Wow thanks for the responses! I'll try to get some more pictures (like from the side, of the whole thing, etc). because most of the pics I took that day turned out rather shoddy X( (broken phone camera was all I had with me). I also am planning a lot of updates to it so I'll show those as they progress :3

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