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Pig Skin, do we "have" to kill pig to get them?


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There you go. Every full moon they shed their pig skin to the ground. Besides that repossess their homes and relocate them or make hat. Don't have to kill any pigs that way.

My problem with trying the 'peaceful' solution is that any living pigs EAT ALL the pigskin dropped by their fallen brothers before I can pick up any myself. By the time I can click on the dropped skin, some living pig-man has already devoured it. Due to this strange occurrence, the most difficult structure to make for me is a pig-house. Furthermore; Why do Pigmen get to eat those skins when I can't? Those sick cannibals!
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Uh...No. Not exactly what I meant.You do know the Werepigs are canables, right?Check my Steam Screenshot log if you don't believe me...To the coward, go the spoils,- Zero

So are regular pigs. If you recruit them they will attack their own friends if you tell them to. And then eat any meat that drops.
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