Suggestion: Fishing: Crab monsters

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Right now, if you can find your way to a fishing hole, kill its guardian frog and find a spot where tentacles don't spawn, you've reasonably got a perfectly safe place to stand and fish for a day with absolutely nothing to threaten you.

Useful, but fairly boring. What if you could catch something other than tasty fish?

New Monster: Angry crab

This beast drops behind you from the fishing line (10 - 15% chance of spawning), and like a spider, instantly howls before going right into aggro mode and proceeding to attack you. Damage and movement speed should be slightly higher than the current spiders (those claws are sharp, and there's only one of them so it should be able to keep pace with you), and killing it would drop either a monster meat resource, or a new food resource of Crabmeat.

Fishing would be a far more entertaining method of food gathering if there was some danger involved.

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This sounds like an interesting idea. However I would have the crab's movement be that of spiders. Sure, it could attack faster, but you should get a chance to run away and change your items... after all you'll probably have a fishing pole equipped. However the crab could chase you everywhere, like the beefalo, and never give up.

For the beaches biome we suggested giant crabs that would be buried in the sand. This has interesting similarities, but of course when you have a giant crab you can have it drop useful loot, like hard shell fragments (for armor) and a huge claw (as a new weapon).

Still, crab meat does sound tastey. :)

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I like the general idea, but I don't feel like a crab would fit. Maybe something a bit more menacing, like a slug :p. Really though, I haven't gotten into fishing yet (I hate fishing in all games -.-) and I never venture into swamps because the tentacles scare me D:. It reminds me of a Minecraft mod though, you would just be fishing, and you have a small chance to fish up a creeper, exploding on you. I loved it, and I could imagine it fitting seamlessly in a game where the denizens of the world want to kill you.

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