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  1. I just bought this game, and I think this is a pretty good update. I already killed my first wolf and and waiting anxiously for that dirty hellhound to show his face.
  2. With a logsuit, I've found I only lose about 5-10 health after each fight. Logsuits are relatively easy to create, so keeping one up on all times shouldn't be that difficult. You can just eat flowers after each fight to recover the minimal amounts of health lost .
  3. I think this is what happened too. I have never seen a pig man eat his own feces. It would be cool if they did that though .
  4. [Suggestion] Gamemodes

    I don't really think multiple game modes were worked out. The game was designed, in my opinion, with a single gamemode - that of survival. You want to stay alive and build things to help you do it. Just think, if you had a gamemode where you have access to an infinite supply of goods, would it really be that fun? There would be nothing to do with all of your effigies/pig houses, as you have no need for them. An apocalypse mode doesn't work well either, because it encourages turtling, which is something the developers want to avoid.
  5. W3RT, the Robot

    I like the idea a lot but I think pigmen would over-simplify it. All you need is a few cooked morsels, and get a small army into woodlands, and there you go, more logs than you could possibly consume. Additionally, the drawbacks regarding health aren't that major at all. You could just turtle through the night and set up bee mines to keep any and all monsters away from you. I like the idea but I think it's overpowered considering how you can facilitate the gathering of trees using pig men.
  6. This change doesn't seem necessary in my opinion but it's a nice QoL update. Most people can tell what biome is what by looking at the icons (rocks, swamps, grass, bees), but making the UI easier to read is always a welcome change in my book.
  7. I'd put my money on saying it's a bug. The whole concept of the night biter is (I think) to prevent you from going outside in the dark. The developers wouldn't intentionally nerf it to do such minute amounts of damage, as it would make the need for torches minimal.
  8. The concept always did seem weird for me, but I think it's just a patchup for a problem that would exist without it. Losing all of your research every death would be awful for new players, such as myself, who still don't know how to survive optimally. Needless to say, I approve of a button, and while I will sorely miss the removal of the research point/unlocking system, I have faith that the developer will add something better in its place.
  9. I like the general idea, but I don't feel like a crab would fit. Maybe something a bit more menacing, like a slug . Really though, I haven't gotten into fishing yet (I hate fishing in all games -.-) and I never venture into swamps because the tentacles scare me D:. It reminds me of a Minecraft mod though, you would just be fishing, and you have a small chance to fish up a creeper, exploding on you. I loved it, and I could imagine it fitting seamlessly in a game where the denizens of the world want to kill you.
  10. get rid of hounds

    My first hound attacked me on day seven. By then, I was decently set up with a stack of bunny meat, a log suit and a spear. Needless to say, the hound died relatively easily. Now, I can imagine in a group of three or four, they would be more difficult, but that is where strategy comes into play. Maybe lead them into a burning forest, or run into a pig town? If you are feeling cheesy, make a wall of chests and you will be perfectly safe.
  11. Hello everyone! First off, a quick introduction. I've been lurking the forums for a bit, like two or three days, and I finally decided to make a forum account as after reaching day twenty of my world, I encountered a problem. Flint is a nonrenewable resource. Considering flint is literally the base upon which the entire game rests (until you get gold), I find this somewhat strange. You may just say it adds to the challenge of the game, but in my eyes, the challenge of the game is to not starve, and dying because there is no more flint on your map is a silly death. I noticed the problem when I just started my map. There was no flint in my immediate vision, so I had to explore for a little bit. I eventually found some, and made some tools. I was able to find a few rocks scattered across my terrain to get some more, but now, at day twenty, I have fully explored my map and there are no more rocks or flint. This is probably just an unlucky map, as I've heard stories of very large maps, as well as (bird?) biomes which are covered in rocks, and even pig villages which allow you to make luxury tools, but unfortunately, none of these three have happened to me. So, I propose two solutions to the issue of nonrenewable flint. 1) When picking grass or berry bushes, there is a chance (20%?) for flint to be found as well as the plant. This is somewhat realistic, as in real life, pebbles/stones often occupy bushes. I like this idea the best because it is not complicated, would be somewhat easy to code, and fits the overall theme of foraging and hunting to find your stuff. 2) Earthquakes. I couldn't resist . Basically, starting at a certain day (15?), earthquakes have a chance to happen. When an earthquake occurs, a visual effect would shake the camera around and there would be a rumbling noise. Pig houses and bee-boxes would be broken and need to be repaired with a tool (hammer?). When the earthquake is finished, several rocks will surface in varying points around the map. Basically, regrowing stones. This idea would make the game better in my opinion (of course, not everyone feels the same way) by adding a challenge to easy food sources (pig houses and bee boxes) as well as created renewable flint. Some will say that if you manage your flint wisely, you will be good for a very long time (100+ days). While this is true, it's mainly a matter of luck. Yeah, if you find a bird biome (if that isn't what they are called please correct me...) you will be good on flint for a while and have more freedom with tools. Yeah, if you find a pig house, you can have infinite golden tools by trading, but the point in case is that running out of flint is antifun. It prevents you from doing anything else. I have a large store of bunny meat and torches that I can use to survive indefinitely. The problem with that is that yes, I can survive as the game states as your objective, but I can't enjoy the game's features or explore much without tools. I hope you consider my proposition by making flint renewable one or another. Thanks in advance!