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I lost this world but i wanted to share everithing i found with you in this video


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Its not spam or anything like that its just a video i made and in one play i found the pig king, beefalos, the optimus pine, tall birds, i stole an egg, killed some bees, etc its the last video i made with this game state and then i stupidly died so now i`m w8ing for the patch but i would really apreciate youre opinion on the video :D


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You've been doing great so far....but I already saw too many videos starting on day 0.... probably after this next patch and maybe day 150 - 200 the rhythm of these type of videos changes ;)

I appreciate any video that this community does in order to promote the game, making it better and "bigger"


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duuuuuuude youre from spain as well ? nice lol me 2 hahaha and yeah after the patch i`m gona make the first few minets like i`m starting and then only after i did domething major only then i`m gona release a full episode ... am still thinking about the dragon lol

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