Free don't starve steam key


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All you gotta do is tell me a little bit about yourself if you sound like a gamer who really wants this, you get it.


(NOTE) I will send you a private message of who won it at 5 reply's; Check your inbox every now and then, if you dont accept it within 24 hours, it will be sent to someone else.

As well as I will post they're names on here.

(UPDATE) I have 2 steam codes, 5 people will be entered on and 2 of them will get Don't Starve

(UPDATE) I now have only 1 copy...


Lucasito + TehDontStarveLlama! (Winners, check your inbox's)








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I am Lucasito, I've been a gamer since the days of Diablo 2! :)) My mother games, so to speak, are counter strike, red alert 2, diablo 2 (of course) and Mu! I played a lot of newgrounds before too. :) I hope I get the game as I can't afford Minecraft and this is the best thing since that boxy game! :)) Thanks in advance Zexxy!!


I think Honesty really is the best policy so I'll just say it -- I own the game and I gave my other copy to a female friend.. Then my lilbro saw me playing and said that he loves the game too and wishes he can have one for himself too. Soo.. If I win it'll be for my lil brother! :)

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Thanks for the giveaway(s) Zexxy! I first became interested in this game when I saw a random Youtube video about it. At first I was shocked at the lack of ui and graphics, but then I remembered, it's the gameplay that matters! It looks to me like the perfect blend of Minecraft/Terraria which I have put many hours into. My favorite genre has quickly become survival, after playing so many great zombie games/mods. I have way too many hours put into all video games though, as you can tell if you look at my Steam profile. I am currently unemployed so I have not been able to pick a copy up yet. If you really like this game, I suggest you check out Terraria if you haven't already. They stopped updating it a few months ago, but have began working on another game called Starbound.

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Hello. I'm playing games for 15 years already, i've started with nes, then psx and at my 13 birthday got pc. Hundreds of hours spent playing arcade games, then the mmo era came. Recently i fell in love with roguelike games like Binding of Isaac, Hack'Slash'Loot, FTL and cargo commander. I have Don't Starve already tho i'm trying to get bonus copy for my room mate ;].

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I'm the only girl in our rag tag team of gamers here in our area! I've been playing LoL, Torchlight, Borderlands 1 and 2 and a whole lot of other games. I found this game interesting and quite eerie, which I definitely like. I'm kinda into dark stuff. LOL I wish I could add this to my library of games!

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