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  1. I can offer 2 TF2 keys and a TF2 trading card of your choice
  2. Hey Janemba, what games were you interested in? I think that would be easier for me to go through lol, you can add me if you want for faster chat
  3. Sure, feel free to add me
  4. Bumping for the night
  5. Dont starve for Binding of isaac + dlc

    I have Binding of Isaac, feel free to add me
  6. What is your Steam name?
  7. Was it someone by the name of ReKo? He has scammed 2 people in the last 2 days from this forum, if you say it is I think it would be best to report him to the admins
  8. Hey Raidvr, I have a giftable copy of Terraria, feel free to add me below in sig. Thanks