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  1. I have Binding of Isaac, feel free to add me
  2. Was it someone by the name of ReKo? He has scammed 2 people in the last 2 days from this forum, if you say it is I think it would be best to report him to the admins
  3. Hey Raidvr, I have a giftable copy of Terraria, feel free to add me below in sig. Thanks
  4. Hey MrMas35, please add me here -
  5. Hey Etherel, I don't have Game of Dwarves but maybe you are interested in something of equal value from here, thanks! -!-W-Don-t-Starve-Steam! Also, if he is offering Loadout it is most likely a free key you can get from here -!!&p=18842#post18842
  6. I do have Gmod, feel free to add me to discuss / look at some other games here, thanks -
  7. Hello Garthrog, I have many games to choose from! Please take a look here and let me know if you see anything of equal value, thanks -
  8. Hey Proof, interested in anything of equal value from here? Thanks! -
  9. Hey Meckein, are you possibly interested in something from here? Thanks, feel free to add me
  10. Possibly something from here? Not all games I would trade 1:1 but if you like something of equal value, let me know please. Thanks
  11. Hey Magic, please take a look here thanks!
  12. Hey Matt! Interested in anything from here?