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• The ability to uproot grass and saplings which wouldn't give you anything, but it would get rid of it completely so if there's one in the way you can get rid of it.

• As SirCinematic suggested fences would be really helpful or just someway to deter spiders. Preferably this kind.

• Less clicking, it would be better if you could hold down the mouse button or use a menu style way to do it.

• Changing the way bunnies run from you, it's really easy to get a lot of morsels the way it is right now.

• Being able to find a partial map in graves that when used explores part of the map around you.

• Some more scenery, it doesn't have to have a use just be their, like some beefalo bones or abandon spider nests, stuff like that. Right now it just feels empty.

• Some mode of transportation besides walking, riding a beefalo perhaps?

Well that's it for now, feel free to tell me if somethings a downright bad idea.:)

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