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A few simple things here that will make the game more enjoyable.

Map: I am really starting to dislike the map layout. Multiple islands with bridges makes it a pain to get to where you want to go. Some bridges take nearly a minute to cross. I don't see why the world is built this way when it would be much better for the user if we had a more connected map. (pangea)

Night: I don't know what they devs have in mind, but I want to see more things added to make camp less safe (ie hounds) and give you more reason to explore at night. I was thinking some critters come at night (like raccoons) and take food out of your chest. So you would have to defend your camp or risk it being wrecked.

Right now in the game, if I wanna find any kind of non hive enemy, it takes a lot of looking around and exploring just to find a point of interest. I think things need to be closer together. More stuff happening in less area. (This could be alleviated by adding more things into the current area as well :/)

Also don't understand why the tent changes characters.

Still liking the game, can't wait to see how it advances.

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Goodmorning there,

I agree on the bridges, some love them, but I get annoyed by them. They take up a lot of time to travel on and offer nothing interesting on them in return. It is possible to get an island without bridges though since the world is randomly generated. My first island had nor bridges and it was one hell of a land to live in.

Keep in mind that the game currently only has the starting phese of the game implemented. Once the mid and late game are present there will probably be far more dangers in the night. The upcoming hounds and firehounds should already make it more interesting at night.

Sometimes you indeed need to look to find certain enemies, but making a lot of things spawn in each area could be tricky. You could end up with every island being completely filled with recources and monsters. Part of the fun imo is exploring every island to find certain types of resources.

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