I can't see the whole screen - even with the scroll bar

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I haven't had a chance to try to Steam version yet - still downloading the glcrash beta for testing - but I've noticed that, when I try the Chrome demo, I cannot see the entire screen.

Now, I know that there's a vertical scroll bar, and that it can be used to see more or less. That's not the issue. No matter what I do with that scroll, I cannot see the very top of the screen (cuts off the research points, offer to buy the game, and so on) and the bottom (I can't see all of the items I have even when I choose the little up-arrow option button).

This isn't a game-breaking or experience-breaking problem, but it is a bit of a nuisance.

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The Steam version has a slightly different problem. With it, I can see the top and bottom just fine - but the very edges are cut off. If I move the cursor over the available options to the left, I often cannot read the label which pops up, although I can make a shrewd guess as to what they say. :cp

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It's common to have words cutting of in the left area, but that doesn't mean that you are missing anything. The game was done like that and hopefully they'll fix it in the future.

But just to make sure you are not missing anything, would you post a screenshot of how your Steam game looks?

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