Suggested tweaks to make an overall less-frustrating experience

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Hello all,

Just wanted to share my list of suggestions with the community. I did not see these suggested elsewhere, but then again I only scrolled through the titles.

1. There should be a way to make the map transparent on the screen so that you can still run around and still see the map. Perhaps using Tab to toggle between modes.

2. You should only be able to eat by right-clicking the food. I've seen way too many people trying to cook something while the character is by the fire, only to have him accidently eat the raw meat.

3. Similiar to Dungeons of Dreadmore - I would like to have a menu that allows me to choose items that I NEVER want to pick up such as pine-cones. They could easily be toggle-able so that later when I want them I can change the setting. This would be nice because you want different items at different parts of the game.

Thanks much for listening,

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Actually what about various UI and hotkey tweaks to make the game more userfriendly?

Spacebar = Open/Close inventory tab

Q/E = Extra screen rotation feature.

Ctrl should have a lock on functionality where you can attack a specific enemy and only attack that while you have the ctrl held.

This is so you don't end up hitting one of your pigs or end up chopping a tree or picking up an item for no reason...

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