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  1. For houses to work I think you'd have to balance it out in a few ways: 1. They'd have to be the single most expensive structure, requiring a large variety of materials. 2. You can only have one at any given time. 3. The game is balanced in such a way that you have to venture out from your established base of operations on a semi-regular basis. Perhaps after using it for so many nights the house needs maintenance or something, and maintenance would require materials that are never in the same biome.
  2. On #1, I would be fine with a minimap showing the local area in the corner. Primarily I just want to know which direction unexplored territory is in without having to open the map.
  3. Being a man of great science, intelligence, and of course modesty, I like many others of my persuasion have some OCD tendencies and so I like certain things to be in their proper place. In this game you have to switch between tools a lot, and right now I do it by selecting the tool I want, dragging it to the equipment slot, equipping, and then dragging the tool I unequipped back to that slot of the inventory. I do this instead of using the right mouse button because I keep my tools in the last set of inventory slots and if I have any other free inventory slots the tool will go to the first one of those instead of the slot that I just equipped from. I do it this way so I don't have to look through my inventory to find out where the heck my axe is. So my request is that when you click the right mouse button to equip something that you have any item you had equipped already in the relevant equipment slot be swapped into the slot you just clicked on rather than the first empty slot.
  4. The one I had like that was a bad map - the swamp biome was so big it ate a good portion of the other biomes. The rocky biome for instance was a really tiny crescent and so there was only one tallbird on the whole map. I think he missed the bridge that's up on the top-left island right below the center-left of it. That should have gone somewhere.
  5. This was part of yesterday's release - gold does not always drop from mining stone. It still happens, just not as often.
  6. I just got this game this weekend and haven't made an effigy yet, but I can speculate on the problem. If people who crash during resurrection are having their games deleted as well, I imagine the logic works like so... No Has Effigy: Death => Save data deleted => World data reset Has Effigy: Death => Save data deleted => Resurrected in current world If this is the case you have a period between your data being and the next save where you have no saved data. Even exiting your game legitimately after you resurrect would result in loss of saved data if you do it before the game is saved again. If this is true, then the logic should probably work like this when you have an effigy instead: Death => Save overwritten => Resurrected in current world This way if you crash or something while resurrecting you won't lose your save data and when you load up again and you'll just resurrect.
  7. This happened for me when I loaded my save game. I imagine that's the condition to make it happen.