Item repair, miner hat fix.

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I noticed that the miner hat doesn't allow you to keep your pigmen friends near you like a torch does. I'm not sure if this is intentional or an oversight. :/

Repairing items might be nice since I currently end up with a stack of log armor below 5%.

Upgraded weapons and armor would be swell! :D

Enemies and allies alike in the game get stuck very easily trying to find pathing on the water's edge. (Makes a berry farm near water a turkey buffet.)

I feel like if the current research system were to stay (though I love the idea of an RTS based tech tree) there should be incentives for crafting new things and collecting new items. Initially I thought the science machine would give a set amount whenever you added a never before used item. This incentive would give me more reason to gather birds, bees, frogs, and all the other content that doesn't offer an advantage currently. There seems to be superfluous content that could be bolstered to encourage creation or interaction with each creature or recipe.

Overall I've loved the game and told my friend (who was frustrated after dying 4 hours in and "had nothing to show for it") that each play through you learn and can be more effective and efficient the next play through.

Keep up the great work!

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the research system is bound to change completely, the way it will change is already presented to the community in a thread, its just not implemented yet.

I don't think repairing items is really needed, there are very few items with a duration, that need so many mats that it is too hard to make new ones. I would be totally fine if we had an option to get rid of items we don't want anymore, like the mentioned logsuits. either enable us to burn them in the fire put, or let us craft a trash can.

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