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Lone Gone


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I don't remember anything. I feel tired, the feeling you get when you have to wake up early. I moved my head to the side, and I saw a forest. Turning it to the other way with all my energy, I saw some bunnies in a grassy meadow. I was alarmed, but knew that panicking was probably a bad idea. I got up, and began to open my eyes some more. I began to contemplate the situation. Observing my surroundings, I decided that I should create tools if I were to survive. Picked a twig from a leafless sapling, looked around for a tip. I saw a flint, lying on the ground. I picked up the flint and a few more twigs, and wound some twigs around a dense stick- connecting the flint to it. I held this tool, and I ran towards the nearest tree. I started hacking away at the tree, making a noticeable dent in it. I spent a while slashing at the tree with my "Axe", and then finally, the whole tree fell down. I proceeded to forage the remains, and got some small logs from the branches that snapped. I saw the bright ball that is the sun begin to slowly fade into the grassy horizon. I quickly got some grass and wood together and threw them all together in a camp fire.

All of the bunnies rushed around and disappeared from sight. I thought I'd try to sing myself a song to calm myself. I began singing. It was at this point I suddenly noticed that throughout all of this I had a very painful metallic-y feeling throughout my mouth and throat. And then all that came out of my mouth was trumpet sounds.

I may or may not continue this story. Also, how do I take screenshots?

I love this game. You're always right on the verge of death. And by that, I mean you constantly worry and expect to die. It's like those moments in Minecraft, Terraria, and all other survival games, where you're just about to die but then your ninja skills get you out of it, only those moments last for hours on end. The game leaves no room for idling.

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