Tweak to equipping items using right mouse button

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Being a man of great science, intelligence, and of course modesty, I like many others of my persuasion have some OCD tendencies and so I like certain things to be in their proper place.

In this game you have to switch between tools a lot, and right now I do it by selecting the tool I want, dragging it to the equipment slot, equipping, and then dragging the tool I unequipped back to that slot of the inventory. I do this instead of using the right mouse button because I keep my tools in the last set of inventory slots and if I have any other free inventory slots the tool will go to the first one of those instead of the slot that I just equipped from. I do it this way so I don't have to look through my inventory to find out where the heck my axe is.

So my request is that when you click the right mouse button to equip something that you have any item you had equipped already in the relevant equipment slot be swapped into the slot you just clicked on rather than the first empty slot.

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I like this, with the new inventory changes something like this might already in the works. Hotkeys linked to right clicking the item should make it so that hitting o could swap the ax at 0 to equipped and put the spear that was equipped back to 0. Seems like something that might be able to get thrown in.

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