Uberplot & Long Term Dangers?

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I feel like there should be more to Maxwell.

Perhaps a hidden little fort that only appears at midnight in the swamp? Or at least an evil witch there?

You feed the pig king his favorite meal and he gives you the secret word on a piece of paper that makes it appear?

That sort of thing.

I'm glad folks realize it slows down around day 50 or so, and there needs to be something more then.

Perhaps certain game elements only kick in after a long period of time pass?

If left long enough, bad things could develop? Like a whole group of trees waking up and on the warpath every time a certain huge number of trees is cut down?

Every once in awhile the beefalo spontaneously stampede? Or the bees swarm?

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I do feel that we should have more interaction with Maxwell at some point. It should not be a conflict that allows you to leave the island, but getting payback for him sending you there would be interesting. Mind you, I does not have to be a fight, it can also be you putting a major dent into a production line of him or so.

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I always felt that there should be a last island that you can explore first after you have survived many many days, maybe even a year. the island should be huge, swampy, filled with all possible meanies, and in its center should be a huge, dark castle, with a big hall, and in this hall, there is a throne, made of bones and blood and the tears of tortured souls... and on this throne sits maxwell and... well, haven't thought any further yet.

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