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A few suggestions on what I think would improve gameplay experience.

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erazor    10

Hey all,

First of all I must really note that this is "my own opinion" on what might improve the gameplay and where the experience has gone bad for me.


My most important point: Death Penalty is a little harsh. The mechanics of resetting everything and starting from a new is a very old school style of gaming which we have moved away from (and for good reason). I have now quit the game due to hours of playing through and organising my map to constantly die at curiosity, I really can't be bothered to go through it all again on the 4th play through. There is grind stages in this game that gets very repetitive and boring with each death with the simplicity of this game.

I suggest death should reset all your carrying (current) items, day counter, and place you back to the start (spawn) position. Things such as Science machines, farms, pig houses, drop items, grave yards, and most important all those trees and grass placement you did should not reset, just let me enjoy the game on my first play through.

Introduce a "hard-core mode" if you wish, where everything gets reset, including your science research, this can appeal to the more competitive players (or people who mastered the game) with a great shared scoreboard sheet.


Traveling, Yes traveling and exploring is fun! I agree... just not so much when you have done it so many times and know what the map contains, and the whole fog reset over your map on death is annoying too, don't reset my explored map!

Please introduce a Miners Tunnel that you build in two locations that allows you an instantly teleport between two locations, Making it under alchemy research with semi expensive materials this would work wonders on opposite ends of the map.


Turbo farms (and the others) are pointless. after all the hassle of getting them and seeing how much of a dud they are i went back to hunting meat, make it so they only need reseeding and fertilizing after every 5 vegetables.


I personally feel that the game is too generic what I think would really help push this game very far is a personal quest line where you develop a small story line and bond with your character. Have a few characters to meet and help out, do it so every island has its own unique little short quest that you do on the side with your surviving. Give life to every island because right now only difference between the islands is very mediocre, it feels a little dead/pointless, when you finish all the quest line you can get a sense of closure and then continue with the days counter. I feel that this game has a huge potential with a little bit of work.

Here are the Abuses/cheats I found in the game that should be fixed.

-Rush science research by digging graves, dying and resetting graves on new map to max out all science research points.

-Switch between two flames in hand constantly which will stop the flame breaking while the night passes, allowing you to not use resources for light.

-If you suspect you're going to die (or got into trouble) and you truly don't appreciate the instant save on death and forced reset, hit ESC, quit game, reload game and you are back at last saved dawn/dusk.

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Poriand    10

I think your ideas are very good. i think they should add a Easy, Normal, and hard modes. sure would make if you didnt want to lose everything play easy and the game now would be normal and it would be a little harder in hard :)

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