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  1. To be honest, I've never seen the need to make or use the log suit or spear, dark items, etc.
  2. I think we should be able make "slow down" mats. AKA a simpler/smaller version of the area around the spider dens.
  3. To kill it just simply burn it, Lighting it on fire doesn't seem to anger it. It just simply "runs" around in a circle, And you just need to keep repeating (burning it).
  4. Just reloaded up the game, and started a new game. It loaded the world with out letting choose a Char. So I died to see what my EXP was and it's now zero! Is there a way ti backup or export this games data or at least the exp gain. I know I can just backup the whole chrome userdata dir. but thats over kill.
  5. I'm for trapping myself for the fallowing reasons A) It's green, the resources used are 100% renewable (unlike using axes,etc) B) I don't have to actively do anything. It's like the old Ronco slogan "Set it and forget it!" C) I place my camp fire between 3+ holes. and I can Trap all night repeatedly (~3 times per hole pre night). And if you place the traps right you can catch the rabbits every time. Even when they where just going to pop their heads out (but not really come out).
  6. An attack/Action key would be awesome (mining,attacking,chopping).
  7. Teleporting is already built into the game ...or... am I the only one who uses their effigies for this task ?
  8. I don't think attacking spiders (spiders coming after you) should be trappable, other wise it makes them way to easy to over come. With just 4 traps preset you can attack a nest. Have them chase you though the traps, and wham! and if you repeat it you've just emptied the nest with out any risk to your well being.
  9. Would require 1x grass - head band material 1x web - to make the "glue" to hold the feathers 1x Turkey feather - Gives the big bird another use beside 2x meat types 5x random Bird feathers
  10. Oh I couldn't agree more! But that's where the tuning would need to come in. Like in skyrim,fallout,etc. If your characters max weight limit is on slower side. It forces to consider "A" what to carry for supplies. And "B" what kinda armor you want. Heavy armor is wonder for defense cut dramatically cut down on how much you could carry. The Same could be applied here. If wear that wood armor, I can carry less. If I carry all my tools, I can't take as much fire and food supplies, etc. Again I agree no system is prefect, But there are other things that can be gain here. Like for example "gold" version of tools could also be lighter then the starting versions. Which would give you more incentive to make them. But your also gaining more piece of "I must decide" OR "again thing to struggle with". But don't get me wrong, I like the simpler setup we have now. I just think that it lacks any real feeling of "oh no what do I need to take" VS "what can I take". Because as it sits now you really don't have to struggle with what to take or not. as you can pretty much just take all the basic with you all the time (all your tools,food,wood,armor and extras) and there is no reason not to. Or for another example, maybe it force OR gives the player other things to think about. Like "hmm I really want to take all my tools...." but they are heavy and wood is also semi heavy. But I could take some fireflies and a net. And while it would use up 2 slots. They together weights are less then the wood so I can take my all tools! It gives the players even more options and ways to strategize.
  11. It game can be fun at times. And has a lot of potential. Which is my we (wife and I) bought 2 keys in stead of just sharing the extra. We think this game could really become something and we wanted to support the devs. Only if your trying to waste or detract from the players fun time. Extra steps for meaning tasks, detracts from the "action". Simply allow the user to auto create the item provided they have the raw goods and increase the create time. The time and goals are the same but the users experience is made more pleasant. It's better to speak up now, rather then later. And beside this is what it is to be a beta tester. Give back your input, the good, bad and the rants. I can see your confusion, your relating the terms weight with quantity. It's a very common mistake, one I tried to keep people from making using the example and context I did. Using a more "true" weight system in survival games is a basic stable, take the fallout style games for example. And using limited storage based on slots or inventory counts works best in games dealing with magic and such like final fantasy and the like (which is why they use them instead of a weight system).
  12. I just recheched (proxy setup & wireshark loggin) it's re-downloading the zip files (common,etc) every time. What a waste bandwidth and time.