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  1. Looks pretty good. Ill have to watch out for them hounds or im dead
  2. I think a house is a good idea. you could also have recipes for stuff to go inside your house
  3. Seasons would be a good idea but they shouldnt make a certain season harder to survive in then any of the others.
  4. This would be a good idea. Also really need some keybinds I dont like clicking everything
  5. I really want to see some co op but yeah a few people have already mentioned this stuff
  6. I think food def needs to give you a little more for your hunger
  7. I think your ideas are very good. i think they should add a Easy, Normal, and hard modes. sure would make if you didnt want to lose everything play easy and the game now would be normal and it would be a little harder in hard
  8. I played the game a little bit and watched some streams to get an idea. 1. I think there should be a Easy, Normal, and hard mode in this game. For easy just lower the health or damage of monsters. Make your food/health diminish slower and maybe make day last longer. Normal keep the same and for hard make monsters hit harder and health/food diminish faster. 2. I think this game would be amazing for multiplayer who doesnt want to gather stuff and fight to survive in this game with a friend? 3. I think there should be some items in the game that lets you build a base or a house where you can store stuff. 4. I think you should be able to add keybinds to the game so you dont have to click everything. 5. I think day time is just to short. these are just some ideas not all that great but some i would like to see or thought about. Ill play the game alot more and maybe i will come up with better ones or something .