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I bought an early access beta key at PAX over the weekend, therefore didn't really check the minimum system requirements before purchase. (I was the person in the pink knight shirt who stopped by and spoke to the guy at the merch table.) After I uninstalled and reinstalled chrome, instead of giving me an unspecified error message while trying to load the game, it's now telling me that my graphics card doesn't meet the minimum system requirements.So my question is: Are the current system requirements something you can't change or don't have any plans to change? Will I be able to play when this is released on steam?I was super excited about this game because I had fun with the demo at PAX, so now I'm sad I can't play.

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Hey Cloverfirefly. While I can't promise that we can adjust the game in your case, we would love to know what your system specs are so that we can use that information to provide more options that users can adjust for performance. Namely, what video card are you using?

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