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Advice from a 7-year veteran player on some recent updates

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As a player with seven years of experience, I am deeply disappointed with the recent game updates! Moreover, I would like to offer some suggestions:

1. Please restore the feature where Lureplants are not destroyed by BOSSes. Without this feature, I cannot quickly defeat many BOSSes. Despite playing for seven years, I still cannot adapt to the traditional way of defeating BOSSes. Additionally, I do not find positional-based BOSS battles enjoyable. Every time I am tormented by BOSSes, I end up quitting the game.

2. Please stop blindly fixing methods that players use to evade BOSSes. Initially, there were multiple lanes, but you insisted on converting them into a single lane, causing traffic jams. Do you understand how it feels to be stuck in traffic? Please give players more options for killing BOSSes.

3. Please refrain from making the game overly formulaic. Have you properly defined the direction of your game? It's a sandbox game, yet you've turned it into a role-playing game? What is the purpose of the mission design? Some missions are long and tedious, especially the celestial missions.

4. The update to the skill tree feels like mindlessly piling up features, like a tree without leaves.

The recent update on the test server will soon allow some BOSS creatures to destroy Lureplants, rendering the feature of using Lureplants to evade BOSSes obsolete. This change has already been implemented on the official server, which is very disappointing.

As a long-term player who has been playing the game for nearly seven years, I still cannot adapt to the traditional way of defeating BOSSes. I have defeated almost all BOSSes using alternative methods. Why do you insist on forcing players to defeat BOSSes in a certain way? Not everyone enjoys the traditional way of defeating BOSSes, which is why there are so many ways to evade them.

Due to the feature where Lureplants can be destroyed by some BOSS creatures, killing Klaus on the surface has become difficult, and killing the Woven Shadow BOSS underground has become exceptionally challenging. Long-term players typically use Lureplants to quickly kill the Woven Shadow to reset the cave. However, without providing any solution, developers have removed the collision volume feature of Lureplants. For a player who has played for nearly twenty thousand days, having to go through the tedious process and almost sadistic killing process every time is truly unacceptable.



1. 请恢复Lureplants不被BOSS破坏的特性。因为如果没有Lureplants的体积碰撞特性,我将无法快速击败许多BOSS。我已经玩了七年,但仍无法适应传统的BOSS击杀方式。而且,我并不觉得走位击杀BOSS很有趣。每次被BOSS折磨后,我只会选择退出游戏。

2. 请不要再盲目修复一些玩家逃避BOSS的方法。原本是多条车道,你们非得改成单车道,堵车了知道吗?你们了解堵车的感受吗?请给玩家更多击杀BOSS的选择。

3. 请不要再把游戏变得过于公式化。你们到底有没有好好定位你们的游戏?一个沙盒游戏,你们非得做成角色扮演类游戏?你们设计的任务流程是什么?有些任务又臭又长,尤其是天体任务。

4. 技能树的更新让人感觉像是无脑地堆积功能,就像一棵没有叶子的树只有树枝。



由于Lureplants会被一些BOSS生物破坏的特性,导致了地上的克劳斯击杀变得困难,地下的Woven Shadow BOSS击杀变得异常困难。长期玩家通常需要使用Lureplants来更快速地击杀Woven Shadow以重置洞穴。然而,在没有给出任何解决方法的情况下,开发者却删除了Lureplants的体积碰撞特性。这对于一个已经玩了将近两万天的玩家来说,每次都要经历繁琐的流程和几乎变态的击杀过程,真的让人难以接受。

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If players have to rely on these kind of “unconventional” ways of doing things then maybe the way we are intended to do them need to be improved?

I can say that I’ve at least TRIED to fight the bosses and with an ever expanding list of characters, skills or tactics I can come up with, most recently I really enjoy stockpiling willows combustion skill and then just spamming that after the boss stops being on fire.

My point is that Klei is giving us a HUGE variety of ways to fight these things, and I predict we will even eventually be getting settings to tune their difficulty to more acceptable levels- But to Rely on those Lureplants or whatever else…

Is to Deny the game of the newer content Klei has tirelessly been pumping out. It may not be the most EFFECTIVE way to fight a boss by spamming it with Combust or escaping Antlions sand castles and then just yeeting wolfgangs dumbells at her from a distance- But it IS NEW Methods we have, that further expand on the depths of gameplay to give players fun new ways to do things.

And the more of that we get, the better.

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