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Rec room does not change to great room

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I have not been able to create a great room. I have tried several different orders - for example I create a rec room (displays as rec room using Room overlay) then add a mess table. When I view the new room in the Room overlay, it is a miscellaneous room suggesting I remove conflicting buildings. The same happens if I create a mess room and then add a water cooler, or party line phone. The overlay shows the Mess room at first, then shows Misc room anfter andding the decor item. The decor item anlso displays “outside of rec room.” Even after dups eat in there it does not change.

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Your decor item (unfortunately you do not mention what it is) is not beautiful enough. A rec room accepts any sort of decor item, while a great hall specifically asks for at least one decor item with 20 or better decor.

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Mouse over the decor item you have and ensure it is +20.  

Try the basic trick of having nothing but a watercooler, a flower pot with a flowering plant in it and mess tables. The flower cannot be stifled though.  That's normally the easiest (earliest) way to get a great hall. 

The "outside rec room" issue exists because the mess tables make the room not a rec room anymore.  Dupes don't need to eat in a great hall to make it a great hall.

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