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Can't play the game because it won't boot on the proper monitor

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I got a 2nd monitor recently. DST decided it needs to only appear on the smaller, worse monitor. The game also boots at the wrong resolution, and it's so big that I physically cannot access the buttons in the settings to change the monitor. 


Why would the game use the resolution from my right monitor and then display the game on my left monitor? What kind of bug is happening here? It should not be this hard in 2024 to decide the monitor where a game will load.


If I unplug the 2nd monitor, the game still loads on it somehow, in some limboland where I cannot see it. Windows + direction buttons do not move the game because it's full screen.


I have no way to play the game. Please help. I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread, but honestly there are so many threads, and most of them I'm not allowed to post in, so I don't know where to go here. I've been playing this game for many years and just want to join my friends and have some fun. 


I'll add that I saw this advice on reddit, but I don't understand how to find these menus. I don't see anything like this in Steam.image.png.1040b057afedf1ccc451cedf17227f22.png

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1 hour ago, PluckyBuccaneer said:

I'll add that I saw this advice on reddit, but I don't understand how to find these menus. I don't see anything like this in Steam.

These menus aren't in steam, they are in DST.  I've had this happen before, and its a bit of a pain BUT you can use the arrow keys and enter to navigate to the monitor selection.

Try this:

From the main screen - after dismissing any popups / gift box, etc. 

Press up a few times to ensure you're on the top most selection.

4 down, then enter

1 down, then enter

right, 2 down, then [ or ] to change selection.  [ for display 1, ] for display 2.

right, and down a lot - this puts you on the Apply button.  then enter.


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Windows 11. Main monitor is an ultrawide at 3440x1440. Secondary monitor is 2560x1440. GPU is a 4090. My main 3440 display is set as my primary monitor in Display settings. Happy to provide more information if needed.  


Yooooooo @Yuuko this worked!!! Thank you very much! :D


One thing that's buggy (if any dev sees this) is that the monitor number in DST settings is opposite of what is set in my windows settings. In windows my main is #1 (3440x1440) and secondary is #2 (2560x1440). However in DST, it showed that display #1 was selected even though it was displayed physically on display #2. I had to set it to #2 to get it to display on #1.

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Thanks. This makes it easier to grasp the issue. Can you post the content of your configuration file (it should be located in the folder "My Documents" under "Klei" somewhere; the file is called client.ini), namely the [GRAPHICS] section?

You might want to back up the client.ini file (simply make a copy or rename it), then change the values to match your display layout or simply delete / rename the file (the game will recreate it upon launch, and if you have copied or renamed the original you may always revert it).


I had some strange issues in Griftlands (another Klei game) at some point where the game refused to save the proper resolution. Eventually after deleting the configuration file and letting the game recreate it the issue resolved.


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