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Other things i would like looked at in the quality of life update:

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I will sort these in priority.


1. Pirate raids. Not a quick thing though i feel like they need their own spotlight, so maybe another update.

2. Fishing. Ironically the deep ocean is the worst place to fish. Feels like the hard fish like dandy lions need increased rewards.

+more unique drops to fish.

3. Some farm crops like eggplants are kinda pointless. For example, eggplants have the same stats, same nutrients, and same seasons as potatoes. Only difference is eggplants are used in stuffed eggplant (not a good dish) and stack to 20 when raw, while potatoes have decent dishes.

▪Make eggplant more different than potatoes.

▪Increase the potency of watermelon's sainity gain. Watermelons are so cool but weak compared to other options.

4. Durian dish. It is weird how Wurt can make a fully vegan food using 4 of her favourite fruits, to then conjure a monster lasagna she can't eat.

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if i may add random stuff, that i really want in game is ... abilty to get water to fill watering can from moon dial, when it visually got water in it (so not useable in newmoon or when it frozen when moon storm)

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