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Another advertisement and a interesting server you want to play in for fun!

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Pvp World, ‘ Mimester City’ hosted by Trontar, Password is ‘ Wesser ‘. As I said, the weekly news for the city will be posted, and credits are at the end. This forum is for all players who can join on PS4 and PS5, and other consoles can ask questions and add suggestions. Here’s the advertisement.

      I’m not sure most people enjoy the experience of a rough survival world combined with economy and laws, but here we are. This is probably the most realistic life experience you’ll get on console edition. You can be new, but it is better to be a little experienced. We recommend players with 50+ hours, because that is about 375 days, which is a pretty good amount of days played. By the way, try to keep it semi-friendly and PG on the server. We have a small community of about 20 players, but usually only 15 are on consistently ( at least once every week or on every 10 days, or has over 100+ days on the server.) I will post the laws, change them, the weekly news, and shout outs, nicknames for me (there’s a LOT for no reason). I won’t say the city is perfect, but as I said, it’s very realistic standards. Things like stock of items that are limited ( which could be ruins loot or end game stuff, non-renewable resources), which can change the prices. Laws and punishment, not being annoying or upsetting people continuously. But don’t worry! I usually free up air and space for everyone, and everyone’s status on the server will reset when the city is truly done for full citizens-in-the-city experience. Also, the city central provides free resources, healing, food, meat, and maybe some trash that could be potentially useful. I will hold polls here occasionally, since anybody can use the Forums here.




Basic foundation laws- Be respectful and reasonable; Do not die constantly- have fun, don’t lie; DON’T TRESPASS or damage.

Economy- Basic gold laws- No gold exploits, but there are minor exceptions like earthquakes and hammering old structures. Obviously, no stealing gold in any way. 
Gold act 1- Wilsons and other characters can only exploit 50 gold every 100 days with their skill trees or abilities. 
Gold act 2- Use of pig king for gold is illegal, and scamming for gold is illegal.   
Gold act 3- The minimum wage is 2 gold per service or day, depending on production.                  
Stock market enact 1- stock market is now a thing in the city, companies approved by the government can start investments and stocks. 
partial gold act 1- New currency type- gold rounds are worth 1/100 or 0.01 of a gold. 
Partial gold act 2- New currency type- Yellow gems are worth 1/10 or 0.1 of a gold.

Bank usage and rules (can vary between banks)- Loans must be returned at MAXIMUM, in 300 days. You can loan UP TO 150 gold. Tax rate for withdrawal and deposit cannot be unreasonable or abusing.


Property- Once bought and agreed that the person owns said property, they must keep word or will face a fine. 
Own act 1- People and their property cannot be owned without consent, such as their ‘soul’, or actual player, like a slave. 
Own act 2- no trespassing on owned property unless the owner(s) specifically put up a notice that allows citizens to walk upon said land. If you trespass, you can be fined or put in jail.


Safety of citizens and property- Burning, hammering, skinning, or disturbing objects and buildings without permission is punishable by a fine or paid repairs by person who did the damages. 
Safety act 1- It is illegal to kill or harm another citizen for unfair reasons, and you can get sued, fined, or get jail time. A killing license can reduce it, but it will still apply some punishment.

Peace act 1- Disturbing the peace (like being annoying or disrespectful) of citizens or players can result in a ban, or multiple players that may or may not hurt you more than you hurt someone else or them. 


Jail and ban times- Jail in game can last up to 50 days in game, which is many hours in DST. Bans can last 1-30 days in real life. 

exploits and cheating- any form of exploiting unaware people or bugs in the game is cheating. This includes: Scamming, duplicating excessive amount of gold and lots, stealing, lying about payment, and building shops and businesses without permission.


Licenses and Areas/borders- Licensing is required for many things such as: Building killing, getting a ID ( required for a bank account and certain areas/ licenses.), owning lots of land, owning 3+ businesses, selling, and owning certain biomes that have specific non-renewable resources. 
Area and border act 1- You cannot Enter a government approved area, border, or property if you do not meet the requirements for entry, and if you break this law, you will be fined or put in jail.

stock market act requirement- you need money and a I.D, (mini sign) to get investing.


Insurance coverage- Insurance companies can cover any payments they agree to pay, and you must pay them by specific payday or day count, if possible. The company can cover more than 75% of the payment or bill if it is GOVERNMENT APPROVED. 


-have fun 

- feel free to ask questions!

- yes, I’m a Wes main.

-feel free to record or take screenshots of the city

- if you have objections or want to respectfully share your opinion and ideas, go ahead!


Youtuber ‘OrangE’ inspired the name and chessboard. Experte99 inspired some build designs.

LUTHERL79, Dresdenking, Pipple, Thblde, Mayhem,PUPIK, Xavdog, adam_britt3, Fire_N_Ice, overBOA, edale65, Kurikormi, Bryant, Grayilylicencse, Eljuanius, King_Reddbear, piercednspoiled, AK-47, stelfel, Ollsoooo, sccmooy, have all contributed, played, created, and inspired (a bit) on the server, thanks for playing!

(btw this might be a bit outdated so please check out the bug report/tracker and update tracker for PlayStation ( I think it’s general discussion or something) BUT yes the post there is updated and has the weekly news and more content.

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