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Snurtles and Slurtles should drop 10 broken shells upon being exploded

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I don't like the implication that each respective mob being blown up won't drop broken shells. I mean, a very mild explosive that deals less than 30 or so damage, give or take is implied to disintegrate the shell of either mob into less than dust is a bit preposterous. 

The only real use for shells is to decorate as an ingredient to potted ferns.

Even bumpers is juice not worth the squeeze.


Even 10 broken shells is humble in my opinion. 10 is nothing. 

Also, while I'm here, it's my knowledge that slurtle mounds don't regenerate health over time either and if I'm not mistaken, they don't regenerate. 

For how treacherous a world is in the caves, I think having these features is mandatory. 


Please ignore who is making the suggestion. I know I'm generally hated in the community, so unless you can't come at my argument with a sapient point as to why exactly you don't want it in the game, keep your bias at the door.

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