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Celestial Orb spawn mechanics are unfun.

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According to the Wiki, the celestial orb is only guaranteed after day 60, but having the celestial orb is a prerequisite to advancing the game to post-lunar rift content. The post-cave rift content however is totally accessible early on, even in the first season, because it doesn't need the celestial orb, or any crucial item that only appears on a total whim of RNG.

Last time I played we were on a server, basically ready to fight Celestial Champion around day 30, but we all had to wait around the mosaic biome for 4-5 days until the celestial orb spawned from meteor showers. Everyone voted to rollback the server each meteor shower until the orb spawned. It took like 5 rollbacks to get the orb to actually show up from the meteor shower. It is pretty lame that all our progress got held up by this little rock having no way of appearing except for having someone sit around a meteor biome all day, and abusing rollback feature. Everyone wanted the Lunar Affinity so we were willing to rollback, but next time we fight CC we don't want this rock causing issues.

As for solutions, I think a guaranteed spawn as early as day 20 would be fine. Something like the meteor book from Shipwrecked could be brought to DST to potentially force spawn the celestial orb. The orb could be found on lunar island instead of through meteors. Just some thoughts.


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