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Using (Small) Volcanoes to Boil non-clean Water Geysers

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So... I've a Minor Volcano near a Salt Water Geyser. I tried Prof. Oakshell tool to calculate the heat exchange between Magma and Salt Water, but I might get better results asking here.

Is there a good way to calc the average heat that comes from a (Small) Volcano? Would like to use the Minor Volcano to boil Salt Water to 125°C and use the Steam Turbines to get the Water back. Calculating the outputs would allow me to get ~3 Kg/s of Water with no maintenance.

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Volcano emits 1726C Magma, which has 1.0 SHC, Thats means that every kg of magma contain 1726 kDTU. I dont know how good is your volcano, but in average minor volcanoes emits 0,75 kg per second. That gives you 1294 kDTU per second. You want to have 3 kg water per second? That amount of heat will increase its temperature to 103.2C (1294/4.17/3 = 103.2)

However  volcano eruptions are pretty rare meaning that you need to construct controlled heat exchanger to prevent steam from overheating or you  will lose some of heat...

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It should be reasonably easy to modify a basic geothermal power plant (like shown in this tutorial) to do what you want; asurendra above confirmed that there's sufficient energy. Take the desalinated water from the turbine outputs (two turbines should be enough unless you want to cool the outputs further) and pipe equivalent amounts (1kg of salt water boil to 930g of steam and 70g of salt) of fresh salt water into the steam chamber.

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You could also use the heat to run something like this:


For the heat output of a small volcano you'd be able to boil a lot of water.  Though you may still need some active cooling, depending on how efficient your countflow heat exchanger and water input/output temperatures.

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