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Exploration rocket

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Is there any way to build a petroleum rocket with a basic nose cone to hold just one dupe and a cartography module to quickly fly around and explore space, or do you just have to use the big crew compartment with a telescope inside instead of the cartography module?  I was trying to make a petroleum rocket with 20 range fuel ( 2 small solid oxylite and 2 petrol fuel tanks ), but I can't figure out how to pack the needed life support into the basic nosecone.  And it seems like if you are going to use the big crew compartment, then you may as well ( and may need to due to height and and burden restrictions ) use the telescope inside rather than the cartography module.  Is that the way to go and so the cartography module is useless?

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Cartography modules in my opinion are best used in mass alongside several fully fueled radbolt rockets. You can eject a duplicant out of a rocket using a trailblazer module once the rocket has launched and from there just use auto pilot to scan as much space as the rocket can before it runs out of fuel. 

The use case for cartography modules is just cleaning up the starmap's edges very late on. You're much better off using telescopes before then.

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cartography modules dont actually scan anything (unless you have rocketry expanded installed which turns them into actual telescopes), instead they reveal the tile the rocket is on, put "?" markers on unrevealed tiles that have something on them and allow you to plot routes into unrevealed areas of the map

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