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Ideas for the Shield of Terror

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First of all, I'm not sure if the devs are even open to making changes on this item in particular, it's old and part of a crossover, it's fine as is but i think it could be made a lot more unique.

The shield of terror is good, but not very interesting, I like the idea of handheld armor and I wish there was more incentives for beating the Twins of Terror.

I'll go over the shield briefly, and quickly go over it's strengths and shortcomings.
It is a handheld item, with the same protection and durability as a football helmet, and dealing the damage of a tentacle spike, it can also recover its durability by consuming food items.

So, it's the only handheld item that offers both damage and damage reduction aside from the Battle Rönd, which is Wigfrid exclusive, and it's cheap to repair, that's about it for the good aspects of the item.
The shortcoming of the shield is its use case, it can be a good weapon for everyday use, freeing up inventory by not carrying armor and weapons, but it's not the best by any means, Ham bat already does more damage than it and can last you the entire fight, and if you wanted to save up on armor by feeding it you can always just fight the Eye of Terror and get the eye mask which offers the same protection and repairing feature for a way easier boss fight. IMO the shield is not enough incentive for beating the twins, thus most people miss out on not only the item, but the boss fight as well.

Now I'm not going to suggest that you amp up the damage, durability, or damage reduction. Simple stat boosts wouldn't make it any more interesting, plus the shield is a jack of all trades, master of none, it wouldn't make sense for it to be the best at anything.

Here's my suggestion, expand the unique aspects of the shield, for example, consuming items.

That's the gimmick of the shield after all, i don't think it should be reduced to only restoring durability and the extremely occasional glow berry making it glow. So i thought of a couple of mechanics involving this, mainly temporary buffs, semi-permanent transformations and special abilities, I'll start with the easiest options first.

Temporary BuffsThis explains itself, feed the shield an item and temporarily buff it in some way, here are some ideas.

  • Gems: The shield is mechanical, so what if different gems had different effects? Red gems could boost damage, whether it be a flat boost or conditional, for example, it could increase damage against enemies on fire and extend their burn time, Green gems could repair the shield over time, Yellow gems could give light, boost speed or sanity, you get the picture.
  • Electrical items: There are a couple of items which meet the criteria, goat horns, electrical doodads, restrained static, etc. These items could temporarily give electrical damage to the weapon (though electric damage is kind of op, it should be carefully balanced if it's even considered)

Transformations: This one is slightly more complex, basically feed the shield a certain item and it changes forms, you can then feed it a different item to switch to a different aspect, thus they are semi-permanent, they stay on until you wish to change them.

  • Pure Horror: The shield is a Shadow Equipment so why not lean into this further? Feeding it pure horror will give it a more monstrous form, adding planar damage that is stronger against lunar creatures and a small amount of planar defense, offering better protection from shadow creatures. This form could also lose more durability from being struck by lunar creatures, balancing out the extra stats by keeping you on your toes.
  • Scales: The shield will turn to a more defensive form, gaining durability and making the user fireproof at the cost of damage, attack speed or movement speed.

If the shield would break while it's in any form other than the base form, it returns to the base form with reduced durability (not a penalty, this is to say it's damaged).

Special AbilitiesWhen feeding it certain items the shield would gain a special ability, activated with right click, that is consumed after you use it. This idea is my favorite, as it would be a great tool that requires planning to be used effectively, managing the items and uses for each ability would be difficult but rewarding to pull off successfully. Here are some examples

  • Chili Flakes: The shield gains the ability to spit cursed flames in a cone shaped area around it, dealing damage and setting enemies on fire.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The shield hungers for fuel, you can perform a shield bash that will automatically eat any food items that are dropped (or on the ground) to repair itself, if it eats nightmare fuel you can perform another shield bash after it's done.

The abilities could even synergize with themselves, for instance, you could gain a fiery dash by combining the shield dash and the cursed flames, damaging and burning everything in its path, the panic induced by the flames could be a great distraction.


That's about it for the overhaul i had in mind, of course, these are just my suggestions, and the general idea matters more than the details, items could be different, and i don't expect all of the mechanics to be considered (I mean, I don't even think the item needs a change, only that it would be welcome), especially temporary buffs, they're just glorified stat boosts, not very interesting.

Feedback is appreciated as always, whether you think an idea is good or not, to add to the ideas established here or to submit your own, etc.

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I'm not sure a major overhaul is in order, it certainly isn't worth the effort when it breaks so quickly being used as both a weapon and armor. A big buff to durability would be helpful, possibly give it a similar ability to Wigfrid's shield where you can turtle behind it to prevent knockback, and make the item indestructible similar to the Brightshade tools so even if it does break you can fix it back up instead of having to fight a rather time consuming tedious boss for an underwhelming item.

2 hours ago, GR33K said:

Nightmare Fuel: The shield hungers for fuel, you can perform a shield bash that will automatically eat any food items that are dropped (or on the ground) to repair itself, if it eats nightmare fuel you can perform another shield bash after it's done.

A shield bash move sounds reasonable, would make it similar to the shield of chthulu item in Terraria, to be used as either offence or mobility.

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