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Winona Item concepts!

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Winona's NEW items! 

All of these items are only usable by Winona. Craftable items that don't require a skilltree.

=- Refreshing gun -=

"I'm definitely winning the water balloon fight."


[Ice staff] x 1

[Water balloon] x 3

[Rope] x 1

[Duct tape] x 3


- The Refreshing gun has 25 uses, but it doesn't break. Instead you must recharge it using a Winona generator by dropping the item in it's vicinity.

- Uses water balloons as ammunition and shoots it at enemies, freezing them. Requires 2 hits to freeze them.

- Resembles a crossbow with a sling on it.

=- Icebrella -=

"I dabbled in this world's strange properties a bit."


[Umbrella] x 1

[Shadow fuel] x 3

[Thulecite fragments] x 2

[Ice] x 10


- The Icebrella has 5 uses, but it doesn't break. Instead you must recharge it using a Winona generator by dropping the item in it's vicinity.

- Used while raining. It manipulates the water around it, creating a wide circle of ice walls around winona.

- The ice walls can have either 500 or 750 hp depending on rain intensity. Bosses will deal player damage to the walls and survivors will instantly break the walls in 1 hit, to not trap themselves in it.

- Ice walls replaced by nitre walls that have a fixed 500 hp if Acid rain active.

- Doesn't work in lunar rain.

=- Faulty grenades -= 

"Why hasn't anyone thought of this sooner?"

RECIPE: 2 per craft

[Gunpowder] x 2

[Water balloon] x 1

[Duct tape] x 1


- Stacks up to 20 

- Each grenade deals 150 damage, they are thrown in a similar manner to water balloons. Instead of making a splash they make an EXPLOSION!

- Has a 12.5% chance to land and turn out to be a dud. It drops on the floor and fizzles into dust in such a scenario.

=- Vaccuum cleaner -=

"I missed you, cleanliness."


[Beefalo horn] x 1

[Whirly fan] x 1

[Doodaad] x 1

[Duct tape] x 3


- The Vaccuum cleaner has 225 uses, but it doesn't break. Instead you must recharge it using a Winona generator by dropping the item in it's vicinity.

- It sucks items toward Winona's direction (into her inventory) and collects all forage (Grass tufts, Berry/Banana bushes, ect.) In a radius. Doesn't work for cave holes.

- Uses deplete once item enters inventory.


"I made it with the robot in mind!"


[Boards] x 5

[Frazzled wires] x 5

[Doodaad] x 2

[Duct tape] x 2


- The power armor is an item which you must enter instead of wear.

- It increases speed by 30%, grants night vision, Has a base protection of 85% and has fists which deal a base damage of 85

- Has a battery life of 5 minutes, must be recharged near a generator (Only possible if nobody is inside it)

- Exiting armor takes 5 seconds, Entering armor takes 5 seconds.

- If you run out of power then you will become stuck in the mech. Movement speed reduced by 20% and protection reduced to 25%, no night vision and fists deal 15 damage.  Winona automatically exits the mech once near a generator.


"Makes the suit suck up less power."

[Iridescent gem] x 1

[Thulecite] x 1


- Must be attached by "Giving" it to the mech.

- Battery life increased to 7 minutes.

- Speed increased to 35%.



[Thulecite] x 3


- Must be attached.

- Increases defense to 95% and damage to 125.


"Sweat reducer 9000!"

[Blue gem] x 1

[Red gem] x 1

[Dragon fly scale] x 1

[Ice] x 10

- Must be attached.

- When Winona is wearing the suit her temperature will be a comfortable 30 degrees.

Power warning indicators:

75% "I still got some power left."

50% "Anyone got a charger?"

25% "This thing oughta run dry soon!"


Right now one of Winona's biggest flaws is that there's not much to her besides building exclusive stuff and then switching characters.

I think adding a little more combative items might make it worth atleast using her in fights, the power armor might be fun due to time management.

Thanks for reading!

Power armor.webp

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