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Skill Trees Should Include Forge/Gorge Features

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While looking at the wiki, seeing some of the gifs and stats from the Gorge and Forge events, a thought came to mind: those events had unique character specialties and weapons with unique effects, and skill trees would be an amazing way to revive those mechanics. Wigfrid already has something similar with her Elding Spear's charge, but there's so many possibilities: berserker Wolfgang who can smash with hammers, medical specialist Wilson, thrown Lucy, etc.

It'd add a lot of flavour to current and upcoming skill trees (especially Wolfgang please let him be interesting), while also preserving some mechanics from events gone past.

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1 hour ago, Mike23Ua said:

Uhm, Wolfgang already has his skill tree & I don’t think Klei intends to revist it. But other than that, yeah adding gorge and forge stuff into the vanilla game would be pretty epic.

That's probably true, which is unfortunate considering his tree isn't particularly interesting, but it's still something fun to think about, and while the chances of it being implemented are supremely low, it's never zero.

Plus a hammer smash would just be cool to have.

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