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What should my focus be at this point in my game?

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Next priorities?


I've played before with DS and RoG, as well as Shipwrecked, and have managed to beat various bosses including a ruins run, but still not really knowing what items I should be making or how to properly farm resources - kind of just playing haphazardly 


So I've returned to the game playing DST solo on my Xbox (no mods), and there is a LOT of new content - I've been playing with Wickerbottom


With a certain amount of unrepentant save scumming using server rollbacks trying to learn the ropes, and a world with a long autumn I've managed to build a pile of mess style base with two chests, one crockpot, one of each endo and reg fire pit, a lightning rod, relocated bushes, twigs, grass, spiders, about a dozen drying racks, 3 bee boxes, 2 ice chest with two stacks of ice, a bunch of honey, and whatever else I'm eating at the moment


I'm in the savannah with beefalo (not too close) between firefly desert and pig king with swamp to the south 


I've made bookcase and 1 copy of most of the books not involving rare ingredients, but haven't used any because I'm not farming ingredients yet


I kited Deerclops to death in my first winter - rabbit muffs and stone was my cold gear


I had beefalo kill moose goose and goslings - the beefalo also fight my bees in the nearby grasslands so plenty of stingers - also plenty of beefalo drops from moose goose/gooslings


Haven't been lucky with tentacle spots lootimg the native fights in the swamp - just 3 so far for tentacle books 


Now it's my first summer and I'm in the caves, first floor with base with the stairs I used to get there


I made 2 lanterns, got a handful of berry bushes relocated, got a chest, crockpot, miner hat, fire pit, and ice chest 


At this point what are my priorities? What farms should I have or be setting up? What bosses should I be preparing for or rushing?


I want to check out waterborne action after I master the land enough


Basically I'm looking to go from intermediate (can survive) to advanced where I can solo the tough bosses and start to think about cosmetics and advanced basing more


So what should my focus be?

Not looking for a huge customized guide, just for the next couple things I should be thinking about - at the moment I'm thinking of killing tentapillar for more spots so I can farm bee queen using the tentacle method in fall

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"Advanced" is going to mean a lot of different things to different people here. If you build stone walls in a big row or around the lava pools, you could start learning to kill Dragonfly. She has a simple kiting pattern but will swat you hard for messing it up. She forces you to stay in her face or she'll run you down anyway. Be advised to have some way to force the Dragonfly to sleep when it enrages or things are going to get hot. You might want a video guide for this.

On a simpler note, I wish I started sooner on my bunnyman farm. If you befriend one then all nearby bunnymen will help you kill whatever you attack, including other bunnymen. One carrot can kill entire bunnyman village, which means more resources for more bunnymen. Just hammer down bunnyman villages in the caves and take the resources to wherever you want to jump start your bunny farm.


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The most recent actual progression based thing I did in my own solo DS world was having to find all the parts in preparation to summoning the CC boss.

Now as someone who HAS done this on Xbox without mods or even other players to help me out, let me just state that their are certain parts of this game that are highly Unfair, and even at times unnecessarily frustrating.

I will only be providing ONE Example here to prevent from turning this into a TL:DR, but in order to actually complete the CC questline one of the things you will need to do is get yourself a Star Callers Staff and do sort of a Tower Defense mini game where you defend the staff until it transforms into a Moon Callers Staff.

While I imagine this event was intended to be done in multiplayer with other players to be an exciting and fun experience, when doing it Alone it can be so frustrating that you’ll likely delete the game and throw your controller through your TV set.

Theres just too many mobs attempting to destroy the staff for this event to actually be any fun.. they don’t come in waves giving you time to repair the damage to the staff, they destroy it within a few seconds, and that leaves you with two options-

wait until the next full moon to attempt staff transformation again.

OR Roll the game back to a previous save prior to your failed attempt and lose whatever progress you had made between the failed staff transformation and rolling back.

This event would actually be fun if it were playable without having to build a maze of walls to exploit the mobs from getting to the staff.

Unfortunately- a lot of things about dst aren’t designed for solo players, and can be frustrating..

My advice to you is to take the game at your own pace do whatever you want WHEN you want, and don’t listen to these forum members who constantly tell you to “git Gud noob” because from my personal experience- if it wasn’t for my love for the franchise and coming to these forums to suggest ways to give players a more enjoyable gameplay experience than what I’ve suffered through- I would’ve already given up on the game a long time ago.


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4 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

 This event would actually be fun if it were playable without having to build a maze of walls to exploit the mobs from getting to the staff

2 layers of stone walls are enough if you hold F nearby, i don't see how that's unfair considering there's a simple solution for solo     

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A basic Wicker tip i can give for the early game is to make a lot of drying racks and dry all ur big meats or later the small meats u can get from Bird book. Once set up this will give u a constant supply of long lasting sanity food without needing to farm and cook or pick cacti etc. U need a lot of sanity food to fuel ur reading. 

Also, only play in juicy berry bush worlds :-D.

Have u ever made a tentacle trap? Its the most crucial tech to learn if ur gonna play Wickerbottom :-). U could work towards making one near Bee Queen. 4 full books so 20 reads is what i usually do. U can do it with ur three books by letting them regenerate. This is always my first focus when playing Wicker, together with taming a beef :rolleyes:


if u dont have a metric ton of sanity food be prepared to fight a lot of nightmares between reads though :lol:

Or you could try doing Dragonfly with the grumble bees, this is easier than trapping BQ probably and doesnt require as much sanity / nightmare fighting. 

In my first spring once i have bundle wrap i always set up my Creamy Potato Puree/Salsa Fresca crop cycle. these are the best sanity foods for wicker imo in terms of availability at this point in the game / ease of access / ease of mass production. 

Heres the summary:

4 plots, (or 8, 12 etc) 

first cycle: 6 potatoes and 3 garlic in each plot. Feed each plot with 6 rot and 6 poop. 


second cycle: 9/10 tomatoes in 1 plot. Feed with 9/10 rot. 3 onions in each of the other 3 plots, no feeding required. 

Afterwards the only plot that will need feeding is the designated tomato plot. 6 rot when planting the puree combo and 9 rot when planting tomatoes. 

This cycle is easy to do once u understand it and lets u make salsa fresca without growth formula or messy automatic crop combos that produce excess junk and not enough of the crops u actually want.

Use Horticulture, Expanded in the beginning to get all the specific seeds u need. Once u have the crops use Horticulture to grow Juicy Berries as fillers for the Puree and salsa. 

Use Rain Rituals and Lux Redux to aid the farm crops. Unlock 1-man-band at a bookcase with Everything Encyclopaedia to tend the farm crops. 

I could go on and on about other Wickerbottom strategies but ill leave it at that :lol:

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3 hours ago, Chaghatai said:

What do you mean by letting your tentacles regenerate to get by with less?

I meant letting the books regenerate durability in the bookcase.

Once u read On Tentacles 4 times u’ll be left with 20% durability, if u read it a fifth time the book will be consumed. So at 20% put it back in the bookcase so it can regenerate. 

U can even cast again after the first regen tick at like 21% without consuming the book. U’ll be left with 1% for example. 

the safety zone from which u read the books for the tentacle trap should be 8x8 theres other designs for it too but a 8x8 square is the most straight forward. The center 2x2 square is where u’ll be safe from tentacles while u read. 

to save on walls u can do a checkerboard pattern like in my screenshot. 


This circular pattern also works. The wall in the center is where ull be safe. As u can see tentacle trap also works against dfly.

Lure her to the tentacles and fake out an attack while shes on top of them to give the tentacles time to attack 



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8 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

This event would actually be fun if it were playable without having to build a maze of walls to exploit the mobs from getting to the staff.


8 hours ago, grm9 said:

2 layers of stone walls are enough if you hold F nearby, i don't see how that's unfair considering there's a simple solution for solo     

They get through 2 layers pretty quick since there is no cooldown on their attacks during this. I surround the walls with trees and use the fire staff on the assailants. The resulting inferno panics all but firehounds.

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12 hours ago, grm9 said:

2 layers of stone walls are enough if you hold F nearby, i don't see how that's unfair considering there's a simple solution for solo     

I said to make it more “fun” like something I’d actively want to engage myself with over multiple world play throughs. 
I don’t find putting 3 layers of walls between the staff and the things that come to attack the staff to be fun.

In fact there is ALOT of content in DST that I don’t actually find to be any fun, and seems to only exist as a “task” between unlocking new content (the stuff I find to actually be fun)

But that’s a topic for it’s own thread.

The TL:DR though is that with the game having the newer Scrapbook, and sort of I guess this “Waypoint” system to guide new players into discovering stuff, that some things that AREN’T so fun to do (such as fighting the Pearl socketed version of Crab King..) could defiantly do with Klei going back and looking at all of that old content and just saying-

“Well we added this, this & this, But what can we do to make it an actual FUN experience that players will want to engage with over and over and over again across multiple play sessions?”

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