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Wigfrid's rider skill branch still feels underwhelming

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I saw that Noble Mount III got reworked in the latest update, but the new version seems way worse than the +10 planar damage version, since when does Wigfrid ever actually need to cast her songs out of combat? I guess you could use it get a headstart on inspiration before combat, but it rises so fast as lower amounts that it's probably faster to just start the fight, rather than wait however long on a beefalo. Also, if the skill tree is called "rider" then why does the best usage for the 3rd point in the tree involve dismounting your beefalo?

The rider branch as a whole either needs to have it's skills be completely reworked, or changed into something else entirely. I've seen plenty of good suggestions, such as transferring Wigfrid's innate damage bonus and protection to the beefalo, letting the beefalo benefit from her songs, or tendency specific bonuses that are applied directly to the beefalo. 

It's really frustrating to me, not just this skill branch, but how it feels like Klei kinda just doesn't listen to community feedback. I know they have in the past, such as with pillars, lunar hail, lunar rift spawns, Wormwood's skill tree, I could probably find more instances if I wanted to, but to me it feels like a lot of suggestions are also just ignored. Plenty of feedback has been given when it comes to things like monkey raids, brightshade infestations, unfun boss designs, and wildfires among many others, but it just feels like Klei ignores all of that. It's frustrating to me since I love this game (you don't spend 4000 hours on a game you hate) and want to see it be the best it possibly can be.

Rant over, please make Wigfrid's beefalo tree cool, at least make her not look afraid while riding beefalo.

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i find the rider branch to be really fitting for wigfrid, and the new perk is a pretty huge benefit that i think is vastly better than just 10 extra damage. the specific thing they changed it to was also a popular suggestion.

klei might not listen to your ideas specifically but they certainly do consider feedback as a whole.

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idk I think it is a very good change and finally contextualizes what the relationship with Wig and Beefs are in a way that is both thematically and mechanically relevant.

Thematically - I mean obviously a Valkyrie on her mount, I don't think anyone misses this but

Mechanically - Wig does not gain much inspiration from non-boss monsters, and passively loses it over time leaving her at 0 inspiration most of the time.  This makes her spells more difficult to use, like why taunt or confuse a bunch of mobs if you're that deep in a boss fight already?  After getting so far into a fight with Deerclops I don't think it matters to THEN cut my sanity losses lol.

The new change lets her passively generate up to 50% inspiration, and hold inspiration over that amount while mounted.  This means she could leave a boss fight with capped inspiration and keep that inspiration while mounted, letting her move from one battle to the next maintaining her momentum.  Even just the passive value lets you keep 1 active skill like weaponized warble to keep your durability boosted even in small fights.  This is especially good with her new spear.  It repairs with its dash, but not as fast as you can use it.  With weaponized warble the spear's durability is extended much further.  Bel Canto of Courage is a cool one to keep active passively as well if you're working around nightmare lights, evil flowers, or other negative sanity auras but you don't want to drain sanity as fast.

Also this FINALLY gives a good use for Fighting Words.  The problem with fighting words (imo) is the cd was so long and you had to GET the inspiration to use the songs, it just didn't matter much that it was a cd vs spending it.  BUT now that you can passively hold 50% you can easily use these songs when you want.  Friends having trouble with a hound attack?  Ride up and drop a Startling Soliloquy to panic the hounds before you've even started fighting.  Or use Rude Interlude to quickly gain aggro from some of them and ride them away while your friends thin them out.

imo this gives much more freedom of utility by gifting you 50% inspiration and will make riding around on a beef feel especially rewarding for Wig.

I think I could complain that she needs better songs but I don't think I can complain that now she has a much easier way to use her songs more as part of her every day kit, rather than only getting them after starting into a boss.

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