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Wigfrids almost there.

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I think the approach they did to beefalos pretty great.  you have the option of being a song bearer almost like a bard. While playing going that route. So its a nice optional path for players to play and try out.
But there is only one problem with that pathway which is the battle canister being the way it is. It drops to the floor when you open it.  It acts more like the new ice canister than what it should be. which is an upgradable container that upgrades every time you add a song to it.

I think it should be more like how willow and maxwell do their spells. As the player  adds songs it adds an additional cast circle. eventually topping out at having every song. So that way wigfrid can carry them all with her. and not have to fumble about when the player wants to use them.   Currently cant use the canister on a beefalo. as it drops to the floor and closes making it pointless to try the roaming bard playstyle. So this is my suggestion to change it because the  The way it is now is really cumbersome to use freely.

and thats about it. I like this optional subclass for wigfrid and i hope people try it out.

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14 hours ago, Jakepeng99 said:

They shouod also add the planar damage back to beefalo, and increase it a bit.

Maybe they can add new kind of saddle made out of post-rift materials which deals planar damage or prevent falling down from beefalo.

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