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A big ol poll thing: The results

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So I am not going to lie, the results were surprising.

If you don't know this is the results of


But we have good news everyone plays this game except for 1 person who got a little too silly.image.png.3c329da41d486b1ef4e2da3c42f439ed.png

This is actually what I expected pretty much the only people on the forums/reddit are going to be the most consistent players. I would love to see how this changes if big YouTube audiences were to respond to this, but most of the first responses were people who play about once a week and the first wave actually voted very differently on some questions so it might be why we so much discourse on them.

image.png.2c90264763b19d606f41ca2bb6853869.pngThis was more for me because i swear when testing things they just go into god mode and say its op.

Looks like skill trees are a big hit, and at no point while watching the the numbers did skill trees ever dip under 75% of votes also this is our least polarizing vote by far. I kind of wish I had put more questions based on what people thought the results would be because I wonder if anyone saw the lest popular skill tree coming.


So this is the most hated skill tree. This is actually one that was never liked as the poll progressed, but slowly was more and more hated the longer the poll was open. I think this is a result of klei not going far enough. Wilson was the first skill tree and was very tame, seems that was not a hit with the youth.
Another hit, the skill tree was also the one that received the most changes during the beta. Pretty much all the skills are worth taking even if its just to get to another skill, full of flavor and love its not surprising this one is liked so well.



This is the most liked one and again I'm not surprised. This one was was actually nerfed before going to base game and almost went in with the moose slam doing a lot less damage. Thankfully it was changed back and just the regen was nerfed. Klei just can't stop pumping out the hits, surely all 3 of this update will be loved.

Oh no. This is actually the least used skill tree out of the 4 in the main game at this moment in time (at least according to this poll). I think this is a victim of boring itis. This is almost exclusively a stat based skill tree and made him the only one who mostly downsides ignores planer damage . Even with wigfrid, they did not get something to actually make them do more damage with planer weapons.



At least willow is doing a bit better. Becoming a fire mage was the best thing to happen for her in a while, and it shows. This content is still in beta and she actually received a nerf but this was after most of the voting was done, but this was a case were first wave votes were different, for the first 20 she was only liked by about half so she is on the up and up.  


Another beta one, slightly less hated and the pie chart actually looked about the same the whole way. She is not who everyone is talking about, but she seems to be getting more press recently as now willow is not as strong as she used to be.

This was not super surprising, most the the beta player are getting to the late game and there have been several long threads discussing planer mechanics, but what is surprising is people just don't care about it.

So first of all the choices are small so I'm going to copy and paste all of them in order,

-Have it removed (10.5%)

-Have it added to some/all in small or large amounts to old weapons and armor for free (0%)

-Have it added to some/all in small or large amounts to old weapons and armor via equpment (3.9%)

-Have it added to some/all in small or large amounts to old weapons and armor via alignment (6.6%)

-Have it added to some/all in small or large amounts to old weapons and armor via skill trees separate from alignment (1.3%)

- I like Planer mechanics (47.4%)

-I have not played with this feature (18.4%)

And this was a question with a write in so we got (all of these are just 1 vote)

- idk

- indifferent

- Just make it less extreme

- I am indifferent to it

- I hope the skill trees would help this

- I haven't really think about it

- Planer mechanics work great om what they are meant to do: Prevent power creep, but provide a new set of equipment progression. The only problem is that it screws up characters with damage perks. (I wish i could copy and paste these.)

- Have planer simplified so easier to understand

So this one and the last few lacked an option that I really should have seen coming. There is no neutral answer. So those votes would go to some kinda neutral category in this case it seems it was I have not played with this and I like this. Also no one liked my suggestions : (.



If you put a bench on the fence then everyone is going to sit on it. No one hates all of the rift stuff so it makes sense, but its crazy that several have used planer mechanics but have not used the wild rifts content. Suspect to say the least. Or a bunch of people don't know the rifts are called wild rifts.


There was a point in time until about half the votes came in where no one liked the brightsahde waves and idk who the 15 of you who like that mechanic but who hurt you. Some stuff to call out is shadow equipment is less popular and shadow is just less popular in general. I think this is definitely a consequence of it all being in the caves. Caves are just not fun in thier current layout they lack bosses, items and the darkness makes them harder to traverse, but acid rain are and cave ins are more popular then lunar hail. I think if we got a huge cave update they might be based in more,

People are just more likely to like stuff I guess. Brightshades waves are hated above all else but still are only 35 votes strong. Lunar hail continues to disliked and is because you spend more time on the surface. (omg just looking at this now I just realized I did not put the ink blight fight in the dislike.) 

Over all I think this is a neat set of data and i would like to make another improved poll in the future. Maybe with the next update or when this beta hits the main game.



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i do wish that there was some more early planar 'nonsense'.

all the planar stuff as of now just seems like a way to inflate the difficulty late game.

give up a planar equivalent of the basic spears, planar equivalents of the football helmets, new planar enemies that aren't locked behind various holes in space and time.

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18 minutes ago, SSneaky said:


There ARE items that have planar mechanics in pre-rift. Dreadstones. Dreadstone gears actually have a little planar defense tack on to them, so you're not completely vulnerable to planar mechanics unitil you get your first shadow/lunar gear.

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7 minutes ago, somethin said:

There ARE items that have planar mechanics in pre-rift. Dreadstones. Dreadstone gears actually have a little planar defense tack on to them, so you're not completely vulnerable to planar mechanics unitil you get your first shadow/lunar gear.

oh yeah, but there's no weapon or enemies, and its locked behind a boss and the dreadstone is a bit miss able if you don't have NMWP smash the pillars.

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Some of these make sense.  People like the BS gear because it is the power creep set.  Its stats are just great compared to anything else, on top of being easy to farm and needing barely any materials for repair kits the stuff piles up easily.  Shadow gear is in the caves, and requires you deal with miasma and ink blights.  The ink blights are fun, and the miasma isn't that bad, but they are both much more of a chore - and what you get for it is pretty lack luster.  The BS stuff is so generally powerful, but the shadow scythe stacking damage is a pretty weak payoff tbh.  Also getting mats for repair kits means you have to keep going back for them where on the surface you're basically force-fed them.

The BS plants infestation gets old FAST.  Like fr, the fight is fun but having to deal with it over and over again gets really annoying.  They NEED a way to turn the gates off permanently.  I'm hoping that is where this all leads in the end - a final "real end game boss" or whatever nonse their working on and then we can turn off the constant rift spam.

6 hours ago, lenship2 said:

what's the sample size?

They said 1 person voted No for "Do you play Don't Starve Together" which had a 98.7% Yes vote - so I'm guessing the sample size is about 76?

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