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Boon Boats! (abandoned boats as setpieces)

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Hello, and good evening! (time as of which I am writing this) While trying out the current Beta branch and stumbling across a couple boons, I suddenly remembered the absence (though remedied by multiple updates since being a relevant topic of discussion) of ocean content - or, rather, ocean setpieces that could be stumbled upon while exploring - and connected the two: What if, similarly to Raft, as an example, there were abandoned boats around the map as remains of failed survivors?

The boats moving would be unnecessary, they could simply be static. In addition to current boons, which contain items and occasionally structures, they could be more focused on the boat's features: There could be one with a ton of sails and no anchor, one with strong defenses and nothing other than a rotten supply of food, one with a small-scale kitchen, etc.. the possibilities are near-endless! 

We already have a form of former survivors' boats, that being the scarce wooden remais you can salvage for boards with an axe, we already have a multitude of interesting boons and even the confirmed presence of non-survivors having boats (there could be abandoned moon quay pirates' boats!), which brings me to believe the addition would not only be beneficial to ocean exploration, but also fitting. 

Finally, I would like to mention this is only a small-scale concept which could easily be further improved. They could spawn more on specific locations, they could scale with the world's setting for boons, they could be traps, like the rot trap... What I provide is a quick idea I decided to write down as it peaked my own interest. The following is an example I quickly made to illustrate the concept:image.png.f0e4a54e925a74742b830cb6c7b42c20.png

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