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Removing Event Callback on player_common.lua


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Does anyone know how I can remove a specific event that is a local function from player_common?

Specifically I want to remove the "gotnewitem" function:

inst:ListenForEvent( "gotnewitem", function(it, data)
    if data.slot ~= nil or data.toactiveitem ~= nil then
      Print(VERBOSITY.DEBUG, "gotnewitem: ["..data.item.prefab.."]")
      if inst.components.driver and inst.components.driver:GetIsDriving() then

I can't use RemoveEventCallback from entityscript because it requires you link the fn on it (RemoveEventCallback(event, fn, source)), but the specific function for gotnewitem is local, so I can't do that. Does anyone know a solution to this?

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