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Storage Tile, my beloved...

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At last, I can label my Storage Bins! Best update ever, 10/10 (pronounced "tenfinity"). Best part is, I was able to research it by inspecting ruins and haven't built a rocket yet.


Egads, Glass is expensive. What's the most practical way to come into possession of it?

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I once build a sand melter with an iron volcano as a heat source, converting sand to glass at a 1:1 ratio.  You could a lot of other heat sources, like a metal refinery with uranium.  Had more glass than I knew what to do with it.  I'm not really sure its worth it if you have a decent source of sand. 

If you do have a good source of sand, then I would go with glass forges.

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With respect to mass-producing Glass, Glass Forge is always going to be most practical, glass melters are very finicky builds.

However if I had to make a melter, I'd geotune a Volcano or Minor Volcano once or twice to get the magma convincingly hot enough to melt sand or polluted dirt and use a contactless mini pump to pump the magma at 1000 g/s, counter current heat exchanged against incoming sand.

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