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[SOLVED] Talking while sitting faces?

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The new update added new faces for when characters talk while sitting on chairs.

What are they called, and how can I add them to my own character? I tried decompiling Wilson and looking at the sitting animations but I haven't been able to find the new sprites.

I'm familiar with adding sprites and symbols to my character, but I imagine a lot of people are wondering how to do this, so I thought I'd bite the bullet and ask publicly.

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Yup, those are the ones.

I've tried to add them to my character, but the face flickers and turns invisible when he speaks, even when the animation looks fine in Spriter.

I found the correct Wilson sprites and replaced my character's sprites and .scml with Wilson's just to test to see if the sprites would appear. The face still disappears. I tried the Wilson sprites/scml with Esctemplate and another mod of mine, and the face does not disappear.

So I guess something is wrong with my character somewhere. I don't want to upload him here, so I'll just have to compare him to my other mod until I find it I suppose.

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The anim.bin file with the sitting while talking animations is "player_sit".

I'll try fixing my character on a fresh mod and then move the fixed version to his current mod to see if the issue persists.


  Was an issue with the ID number in the .scml file.

I'll leave this here for posterity.


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