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Surprise Relic Chair Blueprint

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I happened upon a new way to get the Relic Chair Blueprint by accident. My friend and I had never seen the shadow creature sitting in a chair before, so we stopped near it to check it out. At the same time, a Terrorbeak started in on me, so I hit it once and spammed F to try to get the second hit in after it teleported away. This made me attack the poor defenseless chair-sitter by mistake! It died and dropped one Pure Horror and one Relic Chair Blueprint. 

Some investigation on the Wiki says that this creature is called the Resting Horror, and its drop table shows a blueprint dropping rarely, but it doesn't specify what the blueprint is or can be. Maybe it's always Relic Chair (he is sitting in one after all) or maybe I just got lucky. With the sawhorse being a new thing, people are likely more interested in Relic Chairs, so I wanted to mention that this is a potential way to get the blueprint. 

Below are screenshots of us killing a second Resting Horror trying to get my friend the blueprint but having no luck. You can see that I know the recipe and have the Pure Horror in my inventory from the first kill. I should have taken a few of that kill, but I didn't think of it in time.

(PS please ignore that I am using the cooling circuit in the caves... this was a quick trip and I didn't want to pop it out)



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1 hour ago, Donzilbert said:

This made me attack the poor defenseless chair-sitter by mistake

If it makes you feel better, in the animation it doesn’t die, it’s just teleporting away like Mr Skitts does

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