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some neat buffs, idk

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Since the Warly skill tree is coming eventually out id love for some new dish effects. Some of these really dont even need to be Warly exclusive, I just like the idea of cooking enpowering me. It's super fun :-)

Really tho this is just me being bored and having fun making stuff up to pass the time. Sorry if i give you brainrot:chargrined:


Normal food buffs (Things youd think some normal food would do if you ate it)

■insulation food buff(Probably a spicy or warm/cold food).

Add like 90 Heat/cold insulation for i wanna say 4 minutes? It can stack with all the other current heat/cold foods as it provides protection in a way different from any current food buff. Probably make it a cheap recipie to be usable early gane where itd be most useful

■Clear mind food buff (probably a tasty food that makes you feel happy)

halve sanity loss from auras. Can stack with other sources like wendys and wortoxes passives. 4 minutes

■well fed food buff (Probably a food with like 150 or higher hunger, or maybe some flavor text saying you feel healthy)

gain some inventory space (2... nah 3 spaces) for 8 minutes. If ya lose the buff any extra stuff just pops out

■Bad breath (de)buff :-D (LOTS OF GARLIC)

You got bad breath bro. Animals avoid (walk away) you now in a radius. Useful for Monster characters who wanna pass by bunnys/pigs. Great for normal characters trying to walk thru a spider forest.

if you get too close tho to usual agressive enemies they will still agro, and if theyre already agrod they dont care. Bosses also obviosly dont care and robots dont have noses so dont think youre clever :afro:


Magic food buffs

Alright, im guilty of it, I like the idea of some food having a psudo potion like effect... I totally see if you wouldnt want that tho. Food is food

■Gem food buff

Yeah gems are cool on a stick, but what if we ate the magic (Warly made a pie from literal nightmares, i dont wanna hear "unrealistic")

These have been done a million times so i wont really add any, but it is a cool idea.

■ Feeling good buff (Probably made of flower petals and cooked green mushrooms)

Flowers have a sanity aura inverse of evil flowers. Boosts Garland sanity from its default 1.33 to 4 a minute. Lasts 8 minutes

■Stone soup buff. (R O C K)

You feel full (I wonder why) Cannot starve while active. Has Warly memory. Eat it more then 1x within 5 days and you take 20- 40- 80 - 160 damage.... because your bellys full of rocks lol.

could also give rock steady effect marble suit has just for laughs. Buff lasts 1...2 minutes?

■Sharp eyes buff. (Carrots)

Doubles fog of war map discovery (Doesnt do anything else like load stuff from farther). lets you zoom out a bit farther before you start seeing clouds.

I just want carrots to have their own dish tbh. 5 min duration


Well that was fun imagining. :afro:




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I just want something to make his food downside less unbearable. When you play too much as Warly and then pick another character, damn, that's such a relief to be able to eat everything you want and in any numbers.

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