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I finally beat the game.

I reached cycle 10.000.



Don't ask for the time spent on the colony, it is too big to admit without shame (though a lot of it was running on its own).

The screenshot of the whole colony is too big to upload to the forum, here is the jpeg alternative:


Edit: I noticed that site can't load the preview of the image (too big i guess), you will have to download to see.

Thanks Klei for bringing us this game and supporting it for so long!

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11 hours ago, Primalflower said:

well done. so many geotuners and gassy moos give my brain such dopamine! :applause:


Actually, i had ignored the geotuners for a long time, and when i decided to give them a try, they broke one of the set ups i had, cause they literally evaporated the lead pool i used as a heat transfer medium for a petroleum boiler. I had to change it to uranium, a real pain in the rear to deal with:


The other drawback to that many geotuners is that abyssalite is not renewable (that i know of), i almost ran out of all that i had mined out.

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