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Batlion, the Shadow-Aligned Antlion

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With the upcoming lunar-aligned bosses, this currently leaves nothing for the caves. What do we have down there that isn't already shadow-aligned? Toadstool? But Antlion is already partially submerged. Its lower body in the ground. You face off against the Antlion, slay it, but its eyes open weakly. Is the fight won? No, shadow hands come from below and grab onto it. It screeches for dear life, panicking, as it's slowly dragged down into the depths. This fight isn't over. Its terror has only just begun. Instead of sinkholes, you'll be getting temporary active shadow fissures as the darkness seeps into the surface.

Go underground, and you'll hear it. The skittering. The screeching. If it's angry, you'll get some warnings, before it unleashes a powerful screech that deals planar damage. Unless you're wearing Rabbit Earmuffs, that is. It's up to you to find it dangling from the ceiling in the shadowy storm and feed it Dreadstone to sate it. Or, you could do the sensible thing and feed it Pure Brilliance and watch as its body erupts in a burst of lunar energy, knocking it off the ceiling. This boss is a creepy one. It's just a shadowy zombie, now. Watch it contort its way around and skittering to kill you.

Attacks include things such as...

  • Summoning shadow pillars to block your escape.
  • Hurling blobs of shadows to open a portal under you and bring you in front of Batlion before it slashes you.
  • Contorting 3 times before unleashing a whirlwind of slashes, damaging you repeatedly.
  • Driving its claws into a portal in the ground and making them emerge in the direction you're kiting before slicing you.
  • Screeching to demoralize¬†you, making you groggy and halving your damage. Can be blocked by Rabbit Earmuffs.

This is just my take on a shadow-aligned caves boss for upcoming content. I hope you enjoyed reading this if you did.

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