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Cannot recycle blueprints?

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I realize this isn't happening in the game, but when I log into https://accounts.klei.com/account/game/inventory?game=ONI and try to recycle blueprints, I keep getting an internal server error. I've been trying on and off for two days now, logging out and back in, in both Chrome and Firefox, and it hasn't worked once. (I've mostly been trying with drywall or furniture that I have duplicates of, but the same thing happens with clothing.)

Has anyone seen this, and does anyone have a suggestion to fix it?


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I don't know we can remove duplicated in website before this post. But I just tried and removed successfully.



Using Chrome 117.0.5938.134

Sorry I don't know how to fix it since it is not broken to me.

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6 hours ago, sakura_sk said:

How do you recycle through Klei account? And why don't you recycle from the button in-game?

Go to https://accounts.klei.com/ , log in (I linked my Steam account), click on "Games" from the top menu, go to the Items Inventory for ONI--

(Ooooooh. The website doesn't distinguish between ONI and Spaced Out. Maybe that's it?)

--click on an item, and you get the option to recycle it, like in DolphinWing's screenshot.

Also, I'd missed that there was a way to do it in-game--I honestly only used the Supply Closet once several months ago when I was fiddling around with dupe outfits, and pretty much never since. But since you mentioned it, I went poking around the Supply Closet, and doing it that way works for me! Thank you very much.


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1 hour ago, Torrain said:

-click on an item, and you get the option to recycle it,



I'm not sure what you are looking at

Edit: Does it show only for duplicates? Because in-game you can recycle all

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I'm sure I was seeing it for non-duplicates before - I tried to recycle some gloves I only had one of in frustration before posting here - but I'm not seeing it for non-duplicates now. (And I recycled everything that I had more than one of through the in-game interface since last night, so all I can say is that DolphinWing's earlier screenshot looked like what I was seeing before, except that it worked.)

I can definitely grab a screenshot when I next get a duplicate blueprint. (Right now, I am just honestly gleeful that I can fill in the space behind my radiation lamp, since I was keeping it empty for red drywall. :D )



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