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Steam Deck / Linux Runtime awareness request?

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I am sorry, but i'd like to spread some awareness considering Steam Deck/Linux versions of the game.
There are plenty of issues with the version that is specific for Steam deck, and they go back way before we even got the skill trees for 4 of our characters. I've seen many folks reporting the stuff they encounter in linux version of the game.

First of all, Steam Version locks you to Gamepad controls, colorless buttons fitting steam deck for sure, but you even click on anything.
I play this game on Windows 10 and on Steam deck. On Windows, it doesnt limit you to controller if you have mouse connected. Steam Deck has a freaking Touchscreen. Perfect for the game, right? And yet, it is disabled. Even if you connect the keyboard and mouse to it.

To go around this issue, you can select compatibility mode with "Steam Linux Runtime", you are allowed now to use keyboard and mouse. But guess what? It doesnt save your preferred control scheme! For example, you boot the game, game decided to use controller as main input, you change it to MnK, go to mods and enable stuff you want... The moment you go back to Main Menu, IT'S ONCE AGAIN SET TO CONTROLLER!
Rollback, World enter, Cave Enter, Restart, It keeps giving you the Controller the moment you go pass ANY loading screen.

And since you cant change control scheme while on character selection screen, there's another problem!
Keybinds are NOT updated to new updates. You want to change Skill Tree? Be careful, because you may accidentally unravel your stuff that way. This is not Limited to Linux Runtime, which is why I added two screenshots (Steam Deck and linux runtime)


This is not the first time I am bringing it up.

The following part is hidden under the spoiler, because It was gone after I disabled and re-enabled all of the same mods I had. I am not sure what was the cause, nor able to find it.
EDIT: Reason for my issues was the Craftpot mod, but some people reported that it was happening in other mods too. Imagine a cooking mod that provides tooltip, to have issues on MOVEMENT...


However, even if you somehow get past all the issues you had while setting up the controls, managed to change your skillset while not unraveling your items, there is one frustrating bug that appears only in linux version it seems. Which is why I provide a clip.

Every time I pick up an item with my mouse, it will pick and move character to the spot where the item was picked in any inventory space. However it wont do that if you use ctrl or shift.

Besides these issues, the game may lag from time to time, but that is still not as bad as it can be on Nintendo Switch, so that's not something I'd like to complain. So yea... Linux/SteamDeck versions need help. Hopefully this topic may get some attention. Imagine trying to pick up gear or weapon while fighting and walking into enemies because of these things...

P.S. Sorry for being dramatic much, took me awhile to complete this post since Steam downloads a new version each time you change.

Edited by Master_NiX
English aint my native language, I edit posts to correct myself In case if I missed something. Also added youtube video, cus my clip wont upload here :(
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