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I am happy. [Wormwood appriceation post]

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this was previously done for woodie so i decided to say how much i enjoy wormwoods skill tree.

my first impressions with his perks made me super excited to unlock the stuff and the end of his tree, and after testing them out they all feel great. Things like spawning your own henchmen or getting real buffs from brightshade items arnt just flat buffs, they force you to play differently if you want to use them somewhat effectively (saladmanders setting both you and your enemy on fire is something you really need to worry about).

However, thats not the only thing i like. When i tried going for my ideal stat spread i would always find myself just 1 point away from achieving some crazy powerful load out, which is fantastic. Build variety seems like the entire purpose of adding perks as a skill tree and wormwoods does this extremely well. Many people also complain about how most of his skill are really bad, but i think for the most part its good to have the earlier skill be not quite as good. The fact that youre required to select them in order to access the good stuff means the game is essentially forcing you into having perks that may have normally never touched, which i find to be another success of the skill tree system.

The only real issue i have with his entire perk set is the fruit fly perk along with the increased tending range, that branch seems to be universally worse than anything else he has. Overall i find this update to be fantastic and i cant thank klei enough for coming up with such fun character changes.

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