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Dreadstone Armor Buffs 90% to 95% And other buffs

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Now that we have all of this amazing other Armor, I think to make Dreadstone armor a worthy choice it should have these few improvements.

Back when it was released in Beta, it was 95% Reduction to damage, then changed to 90%. To make it a worthwhile choice this should be reverted back to 95%

Second, the regenerative aspect of the armor is cool, yet not the best since it only works while equipped, this should instead regenerate it's percentage simply while in your inventory whether it's equipped or not, and the cost can still be sanity!

Also add another option to repair it with Dreadstone, seeming as dreadstone is quite a bit more rare than pure horror now, I think it would be a fair trade!

The armor simply isn't worth it without the higher damage reduction since the other late game armors can now be very easily repaired. The Dreadstone really needs at least this buff.

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3 minutes ago, Cvmoote said:

I made an error, it's actually 90% currently I meant for it to be reverted back to 95%, just edited the post!


I thought the change was because the armor would end up taking more damage when using the whole set, and the repair time would be different, thus making it awkward to repair both of them at the same time?

But then if you buff them both to 95% (for repair purposes) then dreadstone helm is super OP on wanda and maxwell and it'd make the dreadstone armor useless...

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I agree with repairing it with dreadstone, for it would give greater use to dreadstone after killing Nightmare werepig and allow you to repair low % without having to wear it all the time.

If I were to give any buff to the dreadstone set it would be to buff the dreadstone body armor by giving it more durability and a quicker repair rate. The dreadstone body armor costs more than the dreadstone helm, yet has the same durability and since its a body armor piece you end up wearing a backpack most of the time not allowing it to repair itself.

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