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Clockwork replicas and more gear and shadow machinery

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Gears are overly abundant in ruins and there's a distinct lack of use for them besides few specialized items.

Clockwork armies could be alternative to making bunnymen armies to take down bosses, specialized units that could be shut and turned on when needed. While ruined clockworks can be repaired they are extremely unloyal depending on what you do and how off screen they are and can't do anything more than face tank boss like Toadstool before melting away in few hits. Having a lot of bishops that attack real slow but do burst damage from afar would be a great boss fighting asset, knights for instant DPS or rooks when wanting things to get smashy.

An ice-maker could be relatively very useful thing to be readded to DST, but would require gears to function instead of normal fuels.

Lastly a Mechanical Chipper that could break down and destroy anything tool or item wise to recycle trash items like overabundance of tenticle spikes we get from wicker and what not and have a chance to gain base or broken down rubble ingredients of what they were made of, like tools twigs flint gold, thulecite fragments etc.

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