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An Important QoL For Tamed Beefalo

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It's such a pain when your beefalo keeps walking onto the spot that you are trying to put a structure on, or when it steps on the spot you are trying to plant a grass on. This annoyance is not survival related, and fixing it won't affect survival aspects of the game play. But it does significantly affect my base building experience in a negative way.


My suggestion:

When a plant or a pre-built structure is on mouse point, beefalo should always walk away from the cursor. I imagine it's not difficult technically?

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I think this specific issue could be solved by having the beefalo bell-bound and kept away from the given area. That said, building and gardening interferences are annoying, and come from more than just beefalo, and I would suggest expanding this idea to having all non-hostile mobs keep their distance when players are planting or building.

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Chester also has this issue.

My solution: when I come back home, I let the eye of Chester and the beefalo bell in the entrance: a place 1-2 screen away from the center of my compact base.

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5 hours ago, Well-met said:

put your beefalo in a pen...

What about spontaneous actions? Like when I see structure burnt down and I wanna fix it real quick. Or I just want to replant 2 trees but beefalo won't leave me alone. Or I want to fertilize bananas but beefalo keeps walking back and forth on my mouse point blocking the plant. Do I need to park the beefalo every time just to avoid the annoyance?


Moreover, parking beefalo itself is annoying. Because beefalos in domestication process will run to you and wiggle their tails which block your building process when their bells are not too far away (4 to 5 tiles at least?). So In order to avoid this annoyance, I have to walk 5 tiles away, put down the bell, and walk back to the building site, every time I want to do something trivia like replant 12 trees I just chopped? To be honest, that's what I have been doing, and it's also annoying.


In conclusion of my experience, neither parking nor not parking the beefalo was smooth experience. Having beefalo basically becomes a big downside in this area. Oh another example is the moon storm quest. Beefalo won't move away from wagstaff and giving wagstaff the requested items required me to zoom in camera and rotate screen a million times before I can click his body in the shadow of my beefalo, super annoying.

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